Daily Listening: Excuse My French – French Montana

For a while French Montana has always been known for his mixtapes, particularly the Coke Boys series. French is back with his debut album “Excuse My French” and I can say the album doesn’t fail to please. This album starts great and finishes strong though I wasn’t fond of the deluxe edition bonus tracks.  I highly recommend this album to anyone looking for decent hip hop and trap music.

Daily Listening (Indie Mondays Edition): LIVIN – Dom McLennon

Welcome back to the Indie Mondays edition of  “Daily Listening”. Today I present you with Dom McLennon’s LIVIN. Though not originally a Boston native, this Hartford CT Native has earned my respect. This is probably one of the better mixtapes I’ve listened to. His sick flow, witty lyrics, and soulful beats will have you in the ultimate chillin’ mood. For those seeking more you can also get his “Sandy Shore Motel” mixtape. You can find his Bandcamp link in below.


Daily Listening: Most Known Unknown-Three 6 Mafia

File:Most Known Unknown.jpg

If you don’t know who Three 6 Mafia is then I’m not surprised. Three 6 Mafia is a group that doesn’t seem to come in the spotlight much yet they silently pump out really memorable tracks. Chances are you’ve heard a track from the trio but you never knew it was them. The is album gets its name for that exact reason, their music is well known but they as a group aren’t. At some point in your childhood you’ve probably heard tracks like “Where is the Bud” or “Sippin’ on some sizzurp” but you never really knew it was them, while now you do. Their music is very dark and gritty with a few club tracks and even those are gritty. These guys and several others like 8 Ball, MJG, and Bone Thugs n’ Harmony are the youthful beginnings of the Southern Hip Hop scene and primarily the sound people have come to know as “Trap Music”. These guys are definitely worth the listen, this album especially. If you want to start at the beginning and check out their progression then start with their album “Mystic Styles”, one of many albums that pioneered the Southern style of hip hop.

Daily Listening: God Forgives, I Don’t-Rick Ross

File:God Forgives, I Don't Deluxe Cover.jpg

Rick Ross’ fifth album, now the thing I like about Rick Ross is that he’s consistent. He’s released a new album almost every year and they never fall short of solid. I’ve always loved the smooth nature of the musical production on his albums. They’re very laid back and make for some really epic cruising/sipping on liquor music. This album ups that standard and makes for some pretty solid tracks for those in a smooth vibing mood. This album and the rest of Rick Ross’ music collection.

Daily Listening: I’m Not a Human Being II-Lil’ Wayne


Lil’ Wayne’s first album since Tha Carter IV, It’s a pretty solid offering though nothing will ever be as good as his older material. It’s good enough to hold you over at the moment but if you really want to dig in to some of Lil’ Wayne’s better material you’ll have to go back to his late 90’s-mid 00’s material. His last good album in my opinion was Tha Carter II

Daily Listening (Indie Mondays Edition): What I Do-Hamma

Welcome back to my Indie Mondays edition of Daily Listening. Today’s local artist is Hamma. Hamma and I go WAY BACK (Like middle school way back). Hamma has been doing music for a while and after several years of hype finally dropped his debut mixtape “What I Do”. Hamma is a double threat on this tape doing both the production and rapping. Hamma is the one who introduced me to FL Studio and got me started in the world of music composition. Listening to his early material back in the day helped me push myself to where I am now. If you’re looking for good local talent then definitely check him out. The link to this mixtape is down below. Enjoy.


Daily Listening: Born This Way

Artist: Lady Gaga

Album: Born This Way

File:Born This Way.jpg

Now before you go eww, you must give this album a chance. Lady Gaga’s first album “The Fame” was pretty solid for a first effort but Lady Gaga excels in her Sophomore effort and doesn’t disappoint. While ‘The Fame” sticks to elements of electronica and pop, “Born This Way” blends together several other genres such as classical and metal which creates for a musically diverse album that will never grow old. Lady Gaga may seem quirky on the surface but her style makes for some really original material in the pop genre.