Daily Listening (Indie Mondays Edition): LIVIN – Dom McLennon

Welcome back to the Indie Mondays edition of  “Daily Listening”. Today I present you with Dom McLennon’s LIVIN. Though not originally a Boston native, this Hartford CT Native has earned my respect. This is probably one of the better mixtapes I’ve listened to. His sick flow, witty lyrics, and soulful beats will have you in the ultimate chillin’ mood. For those seeking more you can also get his “Sandy Shore Motel” mixtape. You can find his Bandcamp link in below.


Daily Listening (Indie Mondays Edition): What I Do-Hamma

Welcome back to my Indie Mondays edition of Daily Listening. Today’s local artist is Hamma. Hamma and I go WAY BACK (Like middle school way back). Hamma has been doing music for a while and after several years of hype finally dropped his debut mixtape “What I Do”. Hamma is a double threat on this tape doing both the production and rapping. Hamma is the one who introduced me to FL Studio and got me started in the world of music composition. Listening to his early material back in the day helped me push myself to where I am now. If you’re looking for good local talent then definitely check him out. The link to this mixtape is down below. Enjoy.


Indie Mondays: Mercy by Four Point Restraints


Album: Mercy

Artist: Four Point Restraints

Hello world,

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. It’s time for another edition of Indie Mondays where I recommend an album from a local artist or group. The album of the day is “Mercy” by the band Four Point Restraints from Boston MA. Now I had the honor of mixing a set for these guys on the Alternative Rock Radio show at Unregular Radio. Needless to say these guys were AMAZING and was hands down the best 40 minute set I’ve listened through and can be listened to at the bottom of the page. Anyways I highly recommend this  EP if you are looking for something dark and heavy and are looking for some solid alternative rock that doesn’t come from a major corporate record label.

Note: There were some feedback issues with the vocal monitors that night so there is some feedback but this is still pretty epic.

Daily Listening (Indie Mondays Edition)

Artist: Scan the Sky

Album: Dear Hope

Welcome to the new subsection of  “Daily Listening” called “Indie Mondays” Here I recommend the listening of an album from a local artist/band (either from inside of Boston or the state of Massachusetts). The very first Indie Monday album will be “Dear Hope” by Scan the Sky. Scan the Sky is an indie band from Southbridge MA that does mainly Alternative/Post Rock. The album “Dear Hope” is definitely worth the listen if you are into Alternative/Post Rock. This album very up beat and heavy and surely won’t fail to please. With the dawn of computers and the ability for anyone to become a musician, good local talent is hard to come by so definitely check these guys out.

You can download their album at their bandcamp page.


Also don’t forget to like their facebook which can be found here.