Long Time No See Once

I know, I’ve been terrible about updating this page. It’s been a long six months of drama I don’t have the luxury of divulging into. Music has been worked on in my absence but due to a lack of funds I haven’t been able to fund my hosting on Soundcloud thus I haven’t been able to deliver any of the new music I’ve worked on until now. I have switched over to a self hosted site through Go Daddy which allows for way more amount of uploads at a substantially cheaper yearly operating cost. It is still powered through wordpress but with way more freedom than I had prior. I have also substantially over hauled the look of the site to appeal to modern sensibilities.  For the die hard followers who have been waiting for Well Done III, you have not been forgotten. I don’t have a date but the album is almost done and many more projects will follow. Now good things come to those who wait so at the bottom of the page is a sample of what one of my side projects will sound like. Now in my hiatus from updating this site I have been experimenting heavily with different sounds but there’s one in particular I’ve grown fond of. Now gamers from the 90’s will remember the Sega Genesis and it’s unique sound processor, the Yamaha YM2612 synthesizer. I have been playing around with sound from that synthesizer in order to recreate the music of yesteryear. A lot of artists who compose chiptunes seem to obsess over the 8-bit era but there really isn’t much love for the 16 bit era, especially the Sega era. It is my pleasure to present you with the first of many tracks from what I hope to be an album of epic proportions.  Soundcloud will still be used as a place to host my newest material but a bulk of my back catalog will be hosted on this self hosted site.

P.S. I hope you like the new look.

YM 2612 Demo

Boston Bombings/Album Update

So by now everyone know of the two bombs that were set off during the Marathon. As most of you know, I have lived in Boston my entire life and though I never ruled out the possibility of Boston being a potential target for such a heinous act, I never expected it to happen. I am currently trying to process everything that has happened and needless to say, yesterday been pretty sobering thus far. I woke up this morning as if it was another morning. I left my house and in the beginning it felt like any other day. I walked up the hill, caught the bus and ran errands, went to my usual coffee place for lunch and then hopped on the train. The atmosphere didn’t feel much different, that is until I arrived inside the city. Seeing the increase in transit police and even men in military stationed in Park St Station made the events of yesterday truly sink in. Seeing people get searched while entering Central Sq Station and knowing at any moment I could be subjected to a search was a little tricky to stomach. Normally I expect to get searched when going to an airport or a government building like City Hall or the JFK Building. As we try to roll with the punches and go with the flow, the events of yesterday will always be rooted in our minds like splinters driving us mad (simile blatantly stolen from The Matrix but totally gets my point across). The air will be filled with a sadness we can’t escape. No matter how thought the days, this incident should never be used as an excuse to live in fear of any sort. Sure, my night walks on Boylston street will probably be different once the yellow tape is cleared but the incident will stop me from walking Boylston and it sure as hell won’t stop me from leaving my house or even attending marathons in the near future. If we live in fear then the asshole(s) who did this have already won. They want us to be scared and hide in our homes and quiver in fear. We’re tougher than that and not just because we’re Bostonians but because we’re a people united no matter what what your background is or your views or religion. As Ray Lewis said, if God is for you, who can be against you and even if you feel that God isn’t for you, as long as you have people out there who love you, who can be against you? On a lighter note Well Done III: Big City, Broken Dreams is on its way to completion and a track list will be out before the month ends. A new single will be out by the end of the week. In the meantime you can download the first two Well Done albums in the Downloads section as well as the Phantom Powered EP.

Long time no see…

Yes people it’s been a while since the loss of my game which has brought me into a slump coupled with the stress of unemployment and several other dramas that I shall not divulge into. Anyways during my absence I tried to make another game which would’ve been an RPG parody game however, the project has since not come into fruition because my mind is all over the place. Instead select tracks that I started on for the fabled project have been put into a new playlist called “For the Hell of It”. This new playlist will consist of music I make, well you get the point. Anyways, I will continue to update this playlist with music I make randomly. I’ve realized there’s no need to deprive faithful followers of music they so desperately want to hear just because I’m in a bit of a slump. Enjoy!

Long time no see people.

Yes I know, there’s been a terrible music drought and I apologize for that.  No it’s not lack of inspiration, more like lack of time.  It’s been a hell of a month as I just recently graduated from my college but finals pretty much kicked my ass so therefore I haven’t been able to compose any music for quite some time (Except for an audio project that will be up soon).  Anyways I am now a free man and will be able to bring you some new music but give me like a few weeks.  I’m still in the process of getting into summer mode or more like out of school mode since I’m not coming back.  In the mean time I will probably be upgrading this page a bit (I’ll be buying a domain name and buying more hosting space on my music site).  After  these upgrades I shall return to composing music for the Shadow Sphere soundtrack and possibly some other projects that may come along.  Until then I will continue to relax and soak in the fact that I’m no longer an undergraduate.

Music Drought

Yes I know, there’s been a major audio drought.  Lately I haven’t had much inspiration to make anything.  My mind has been cluttered up by a wide variety of things, mainly being stress from personal issues.  I will hope fully add some more music here soon.  In a few weeks I also plan on upgrading my account on my music hosting account in order to allow for more songs and playlists and also better looking players.  Until then be patient as I try to get back into music mode.


Welcome to my music page.  Most of you know me as the Haitian Heat but when I produce I do it under the alias of “Black Rain”.  This page is devoted to displaying my musical talents in hopes of getting myself out there.  I’m still making fixes to this page so more content will appear as time passes.  But feel free to look about the page and hear some of my tunes.