Film Scores/Video Production

These are some of the various videos that I have either composed a score to or handled the audio editing for.



Videos I shot, edited (or both) for Boston City Television. Most Videos are summaries of events that the mayor attended or spoke at.

Hero Square Dedication:

Dedication of Tre’Vaughn Anthony Matthews Playground:

Splash Dance Party:

Bowdoin/Geneva Unity Day:

Food Project Cabinet Lunch:

Fidelity School Transformation Day:


Metroid Zero Mission Escape Sequence Re-Scoring:

Desciption: A Preliminary Re scoring of the escape sequence from Metroid Zero Mission. I will come back to this soon in order to add sound effects but for now here’s a basis of my main goal.

Aeon Flux Re-Scoring:

Description: A group of friends and I took a seen from Aeon Flux and re did the sounds from the ground up. I composed the musical score using FL Studio while my team members gathered sound effects. I then compiled everything together using Pro Tools.

Oprah Machinima:

A group of friends and I used the Sims to create an Oprah meets Resident Evil Machinima where Albert Wesker appears on the Oprah show. I composed the jingle and handled the voice recording while my friend manipulated Sims 2 in order to get what you see.


Movies that I’ve made for school projects or for fun.

Trials of Jeremy:

This was a movie I directed, shot, and stared in for my Cultures and Heroes class. The movie is loosely based off of Homer’s Odyssey and only follows the story’s basic structure with several twists and turns.  I also did the film editing and the sound selection for the film in an attempt to give the movie a 90’s feel through it’s sound.  I also handled the special effects and the sound effects for the film.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Trials of Jeremy Trailers: