The Next Level: Act 2 coming this summer

The Next Level Act 2 Album Art

I’m back bitches! It’s been a long year of radio silence but, I promise I’ve been VERY productive in my absence. The long awaited sequel to The Next Level will be out sometime this summer and will feature special guest production as from The HotFryz  so peep his beats. This album will also have a collab track featuring HotFryz production. I will also be dropping another single within the next week but in the meantime, you can listen to the album’s first single below.

We’re on twitter!

Black Rain Productions has a new twitter. Follow at @blackrainpro (no that’s not a typo, twitter is so obsessed with having things short n’ sweet that I can’t put the whole name with and a lot of the good abbreviations were taken.

Site Updates

Sadly there isn’t any music to post just but I have made a few tweaks under the hood that should make your browsing experience better

1. One of the most important changes I’ve made is swapping out of the original music player on this page for a more proprietary WordPress player that has better compatibility than the former and is easier to add music to. The original one was a nightmare to deal with at times.

2. I have changed the Resume page to a Skills and Education page

3. I cleaned up the influences section. The page was a total mess and contained a lot of unnecessary information.

4. In the Original Works section, Well Done III now has a playlist so that you can sample the album before downloading it. With the original player there were a ton of glitches and bugs that prevented me from uploading the playlist sooner. I should be able to get music on here faster now that I have something much cleaner to work with.

5. Since you were patient enough to read this, I have a present at the bottom, I guess you can say I lied….

The Next Level:

This is part of a new project I’ve been working on for the last year during my hiatus from this site. More info to come shortly.

Well Done III: Big City, Broken Dreams out 09/15/2014

You’ve probably wondered why you haven’t seen any music from me in a while. I went back into the lab and finally finished Well Done III. I feel like I’m in a place where I can finally release the project I’ve devoted two long years to. I know I promised it last summer but I decided it needed more work. I could release it today if I really wanted to but I need time to make sure everyone is able to download it properly.  Stay tuned for some hot tracks.weldonethreecoverwelldoneiii back


Long Time No See Once

I know, I’ve been terrible about updating this page. It’s been a long six months of drama I don’t have the luxury of divulging into. Music has been worked on in my absence but due to a lack of funds I haven’t been able to fund my hosting on Soundcloud thus I haven’t been able to deliver any of the new music I’ve worked on until now. I have switched over to a self hosted site through Go Daddy which allows for way more amount of uploads at a substantially cheaper yearly operating cost. It is still powered through wordpress but with way more freedom than I had prior. I have also substantially over hauled the look of the site to appeal to modern sensibilities.  For the die hard followers who have been waiting for Well Done III, you have not been forgotten. I don’t have a date but the album is almost done and many more projects will follow. Now good things come to those who wait so at the bottom of the page is a sample of what one of my side projects will sound like. Now in my hiatus from updating this site I have been experimenting heavily with different sounds but there’s one in particular I’ve grown fond of. Now gamers from the 90’s will remember the Sega Genesis and it’s unique sound processor, the Yamaha YM2612 synthesizer. I have been playing around with sound from that synthesizer in order to recreate the music of yesteryear. A lot of artists who compose chiptunes seem to obsess over the 8-bit era but there really isn’t much love for the 16 bit era, especially the Sega era. It is my pleasure to present you with the first of many tracks from what I hope to be an album of epic proportions.  Soundcloud will still be used as a place to host my newest material but a bulk of my back catalog will be hosted on this self hosted site.

P.S. I hope you like the new look.

YM 2612 Demo