Site Updates

Sadly there isn’t any music to post just but I have made a few tweaks under the hood that should make your browsing experience better

1. One of the most important changes I’ve made is swapping out of the original music player on this page for a more proprietary WordPress player that has better compatibility than the former and is easier to add music to. The original one was a nightmare to deal with at times.

2. I have changed the Resume page to a Skills and Education page

3. I cleaned up the influences section. The page was a total mess and contained a lot of unnecessary information.

4. In the Original Works section, Well Done III now has a playlist so that you can sample the album before downloading it. With the original player there were a ton of glitches and bugs that prevented me from uploading the playlist sooner. I should be able to get music on here faster now that I have something much cleaner to work with.

5. Since you were patient enough to read this, I have a present at the bottom, I guess you can say I lied….

The Next Level:

This is part of a new project I’ve been working on for the last year during my hiatus from this site. More info to come shortly.